You want to be a cabin crew and you do not know how to go about it. Or you just get to know so much that you do not know which advice to take. We can solve that too. CCAHR is your one-stop shop for all that you need to know to enter the profession. So, whether you have the ability to do it or not. It would be nice to just know first. Won't it? We understand how you feel. But if you are clear about it and believe you have the ability to do it we will get it done. Without hesitation just drop-in at our office and get yourself evaluated by an expert from the airline industry who has loads of information to give you which will be authentic, specific and reliable. So, do not think too long and just find out what you need to. You do not have to pay for an evaluation. And you can take all the time you need to decide after the evaluation. It will send you home wiser and well-informed about the field you want to join. Remember there are many other opportunities that we can tell you about that do not involve flying. Let’s chat soon. See you at CCAHR.

Who Trains You?


We, at CCAHR, have a high regard for the time that a trainee spends at our premises. Hence, we try to inculcate the importance of time management during our sessions and during the entire period of the course. Apart from that, we expect our students to imbibe punctuality, sincerity towards work and the ability to complete whatever they take on, which are qualities that would be required by all great organizations. Apart from improving their communication, we also train them on attitudes and the etiquettes of work through a friendly yet professional environment at the institute. This enhances the learning process and removes hesitation of any kind as they interact with others without undermining their commitment towards their goals. Interactive sessions, role plays, mock interviews and constant corrections about body language, first impressions and public speaking techniques are just part of our culture at the institute. Somewhere, we believe, it is these qualities that they learn that come in handy at being conversationalists while they work as outstanding cabin attendants. Service-oriented mindsets and the importance of courtesy are consistently encouraged through talks, discourses and through leading by example. Our trainees treat it as their second home and are totally comfortable at their premises. Don't take our word for it! Ask them.


We aspire to be the most sought-after training institute and consultancy by delivering reliable and relevant training to aspirants who wish to make a career in the hospitality industry.Our long term goal is to become the interface between airlines and their future employees playing a pivotal role in the enhancement of standards while providing solutions to accomplish their goals and achieve ours. We would like to see our students achieve the pinnacle of success while raising the bar for recruitment solutions to companies in order to achieve the trust of our internal and external customers. We have just one mission! Yours.

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CCAHR is a vocational training institute and does not give any job guarantee.



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