Most candidates try for the same airlines many times thinking that they will get better at it based on hearsay and inquiries during the different rounds of the interviews. While candidates who are proficient in English language, communication and confident might get through by trying a number of times, the majority of candidates simply cannot make it despite several attempts. These candidates require counseling, guidance, and short training courses to be successful in their next interviews. Going randomly for interviews, being formally dressed and putting in time, money and energy repetitively do not give the desired results. And, in fact, lowers the morale and self-esteem of a person. One needs an expert’s guidance if one fits the eligibility criteria of the airlines in the advertisement. All candidates have completely different issues and require help and personalized feedback. Failing so many times at the same thing exhibits that you are definitely doing and saying a number of things in the wrong manner and need a fresh approach. CCAHR it is, in this case.
Every airline has a different product, a different technique of service and a different approach towards recruitment. But the fact that you are unable to impress even a single one shows that you may be presenting yourself in a flawed manner. If you do not fit the eligibility criteria of the airlines, this is understandable. But, if you do fit the criteria mentioned in the advertisement, in that case, it is clear that you require advice from someone who understands the mindset of the airlines that you are going to and who also has extensive experience at facing and clearing different rounds of the interviews. At CCAHR, we have such experts.
Many tattoos just cannot be removed without causing further damage to the skin but that is not valid for all tattoos. Why would you assume its one of those? We have dealt with many specialists in this field who have successfully removed certain types of tattoos. We have also witnessed many such cases when tattoos were brought to a position where they could be cosmetically concealed. In the latter cases, the candidates managed to join the airlines. One can only judge during an evaluation when we physically see the tattoo. So, drop in at our office and show us that tattoo.
Deep marks/cuts/scars on the face and hands both protruding or engraved may be concealable in all probability. We can only comment on the viability after meeting the candidate during an evaluation and having physically seen the scar/mark/cut and getting professional advice from our expert dermatologists and cosmetic experts. Come down to our office and let's have a look.
Many renowned institutes have a very poor interface to the airline industry. Moreover, their success rate is as low as 1 or 2 out of 300 candidates. Both, their courses and their placement records leave much to be desired. Don’t be part of their larger crowd. They do not fulfill necessary requirements of the industry nor do they impart the necessary advice or information that would fulfill the expectations of an airline. While we cannot comment on what our competitors lack we can tell you for sure that you will be up to date after a relevant course with us. We understand the plight of many of our alumni and their parents who had already paid for courses elsewhere. They still went ahead and trusted us and are now successfully flying as cabin crew after our efforts. It is sad that they had to waste time and money at other places. We can’t do anything about the past and nor can you.
At CCAHR, we have a clear demarcation between what is ‘need to know’ and what is ‘nice to know’. And, we do not hesitate to tell our trainees and candidates the same. We can clearly tell you what you need to know before getting the job, what you require to know after getting the job during the training by the airline after they recruit you and what is simply nice to know to put a great impression on the airlines to further your career through promotions in future and to get breaks in other airlines. And, No! you do not need all this for your interviews with the airlines.
Let us put a question to you in return to set you thinking. What was the guarantee when you did your schooling, your college, any course in any industry or for that matter what guarantee does the government gives you on completion of any formality? Undermining your capability by asking whether you will be able to do it and this question anyways makes you a candidate with low self-confidence. We recommend a change in attitude to "I can do it "from "Can I do it?". Yes! You can, if, you perform well during your sessions. Just so you know, at CCAHR, we only select candidates who fit the profile of a cabin crew. So, if you have been offered a course it clearly means you can become one.
First of all, we would like to clarify that the eligibility criteria is the criteria that you have to meet before you give an interview. It does not guarantee you a job just because you are eligible to give the interview. There are many other factors that are looked into for you to clear different rounds of different airlines. Not to mention, all airlines are different from each other concerning their approach towards recruitment and their work environment, standards and priorities. While they may seem similar to the layman, the reality is quite different. To join the companies that are based in India the following eligibility criteria is valid most of the times with some variation in certain carriers. FOR CARRIERS OPERATING WITHIN INDIA:- Gender: Mainly Female Male only for certain carriers Minimum Age: 18 years for females or males Maximum Age: 27 years for females or males Minimum Height: 155 cm. /157 cm. /165 cm. for females 170 cm. for males Weight: In accordance with height and built Qualification: 10+2 No scars or marks on hands and face Clear skin Colour no bar No tattoos No receding hairline No thick eyebrows No uneven teeth No gaps in between teeth Excellent communication skills Advanced English language level Service-oriented FOR INTERNATIONAL CARRIERS:- Gender: Female/Male depending on advertisement Age: 21 years Height: 160 cm. for females/ability to touch 212 cm. on tip toes 170 cm. for males Qualification: Graduate/ 10+2 depending on airline Clear skin Colour no bar Excellent communication skills Advanced English language level Service-oriented
Different airlines have different criteria. Some would ask for graduates under 25 years of age and some would be more flexible as far as the age is concerned. But these are the criteria for being on the payroll of the airlines. The other jobs at the airport are where you would be working for 3 rd parties or outsourced services which involve lower pay and no association to the airline as far as your appointment is concerned. These parties are generally ground handling agents who are hired by airlines. Needless to mention, you are not appointed by the airlines and are not working for them.
CCAHR is not the only institute that is offering you courses related to aviation. But it is the only one that has such a phenomenal success rate. The rest don't even come close. We recommend not taking our word for it but instead, talk to our alumni or for that matter different students of other institutes. They would give you a clear picture of what happens in any institute. People who have undergone our complete programme and completed it would tell you what the difference is. Apart from that, you should contact people who have completed the programme elsewhere. We can proudly say that we have state-of-the-art techniques to impart our modules and a great faculty. But again do not take our word for it. Do your research and ask our present trainees. What we discourage is going in for courses in places based on geographical proximity. Just because something is close-by it does not become useful. That could lead to a heartache in future specially when you do not get desired results and breaks after completion. We also discourage you to go in for institutes which have opened too many branches and are famous as many branches are not up to the mark when it comes to class and faculty. You may end up enrolling for the brand and not get the necessary training from the right people. At CCAHR, we say that the infrastructure and location of an institution does not matter. What matters is who teaches you and whether they are people who have successfully done it themselves and also if they know everything about what they may be imparting to you. The airlines would tell you about our standards and so would many experienced cabin crew.
It's simple! 5 steps! Step 1. Whatsapp your full name, age, height, weight and send us a facial snapshot of yours ( a random one to begin with, facing the camera ) Step 2. Once you do that you will be sent a few questions that you must respond to on Whatsapp itself with specific answers. Step 3. Right after that, you will be given an appointment for a particular date and time for an evaluation by our experts. Step 4. After the complete evaluation, you will be informed whether you require a course or not. Step 5. In case you are interested in taking the course you may pay and register for the course. You will then be called for a few tests before your course starts so that our trainers can work according to your needs to achieve the desired goal.
Yes, they do and in fact, majorly, prefer candidates who they can mould as against those who have already gotten accustomed to the ways of other airlines. Not implying that experienced crew are not taken. But, if one is flexible enough to still learn then they do go in for such experienced crew.
No, you do not need to but it is nice to know and would add to your profile in a positive manner. Knowing regional languages too is a boon to many route-specific recruitments by many carriers right before they have new operations or adding more flights to a region. In such cases, they mention it in their advertisements.
We accept payments by cheque as well as card apart from bank online transfers. Our details are available on request after a candidate has been evaluated and selected for a course. Taxes are not included in our charges mentioned on our brochures and therefore, GST and other service taxes will be added to the amount to be paid.
At CCAHR, we offer short-term programmes which target a particular task alone. Each of these programmes are based on sessions with instructors and are focused on giving value to our trainee. Our longest programme would be of 66 sessions. The shorter would be of 22 sessions. Candidates can do other courses after they have completed one and can enrol for an additional 22 sessions if need be or if the instructor deems it necessary. Ideally, a mix of different courses is required for most trainees. The longest number of sessions has been 110 sessions. 1/3 rd of the course duration of other institutes.
Unlike other institutes a regular class duration of any course at CCAHR is a minimum of 3 hours. The genre of our courses is such that they are effective only with trainees spending longer hours in training. It has been said by our trainees that they have spent 6 to 8 hours and more in certain training sessions. All within the same charges.
The Cabin Crew Aspirant's Training course is a programme which is offered to candidates who have exceptional communication skills or who have successfully completed our Spoken English Course and the Candidate Profile Management Service. Moving forward straightaway to take our aviation modules is not advisable if one has difficulty in speaking English or is not capable of handling interviews.
If you think you are, we are confident you are capable of fairing well in our evaluation tests of the language which are elementary and based on conversations. We have evaluated many like you and some have gone ahead with the rest of our courses. But, the majority realised after their evaluation that they needed an over haul and there was a lot they did not know that they were speaking wrongly.
Many people believe that they are beyond training and courses and that everything can be done purely on the basis of information which may or may not be relevant to them. To be able to identify what is relevant is something which experts can guide you about only when they have met you in person and know it is specifically what you require and customized to your need. Generic information is available online but specific techniques are not. Google is not exactly the best way to achieve high standards and identify flaws. A trainer with experience would get you there much quicker and deal with relevant information only. Saving time and efforts on your part.
The best way to calculate and compare whether or not it is the right fee of an academic course is to know what you will be earning in the first five years after completion of the course or degree and what you will be putting in. Divide the first amount by 5 in case it is a one year course and by 10 if you are spending 6 months doing it and 20 if you are doing a shorter course. Then check if the course fee is less than the amount you earn. At CCAHR, you are way away in profit!
We are extremely proud of our alumni and the training they undertook to get the well-deserved breaks they got in the industry. We credit our modules for these achievements and have no doubt that the trainees performed well and were focused on doing them. A great attitude goes a long way in making a career in the airline industry.
You must have a PASSPORT. An authentic degree from a recognised board. Your PAN CARD, Your AADHAR CARD. Certified medically fit after the tests the airline asks you to undergo. Passport size photographs. Full-length photographs. An up-to-date resume. Some airlines ask you for a security-deposit demand draft as well as A verification certificate from the local police station.
The airline industry is still considered as one of the most glamorous industries for the last few decades. Much of it is because of the fascination for aircraft and a lot of it is related to the high standard of hospitality that is offered by the airlines. The work environment at the airports which are modern, the airline offices and of course the ultra-luxurious aircraft are the prominent work places that airline employees work in. While it is a 24 X 7 work place it is full of hustle-bustle. -Airline employees receive free transportation to and from the airport, concessional tickets for self and dependents, medical benefits and insurance coverage for self and family along with timely appraisals and promotions that add to an ideal salary package. - A cosmopolitan, multinational, progressive environment with great networking opportunities in a forever globalised industry pits it ahead of other industries. Not to mention the flashy uniforms and 5-star accommodation add to the glamour quotient.
A lot of people have this notion that flying as a cabin crew is only until you are of a certain age. That is incorrect. Many experienced crew with most airlines fly till the age of 55 years or even 59 years at times. Of course, most people quit and move to other departments and industries but you don't have to leave it. Within the profession there are regular appraisals and promotions that one is entitled to on the basis of merit, of course. Many go into the management of airlines and many into training or handling of Stations as well. The airlines value experience and expertise and most big airlines look for such people. And hence many ex-cabin crew leave flying to share their expertise as consultants on In-flight products, Public relations, Customer service, Crew-handling and people management.
A cabin crew has more privileges as compared to other departments of the airlines. A major reason for this is the responsibilities and the risk factors associated with this job. The job is exciting yet challenging. The availability of discounted tickets, the privilege of staying in 5-star hotels, transportation and multiple allowances are just some of the things that one gets as an airline cabin crew. The job requires one to travel to a variety of destinations and to work with a different set of crew every single flight which does not allow it to become monotonous.
The airline industry is one of the few industries which clearly does not have any gender-bias. Most airlines recruit a large number of women and many departments are women-dominated which is rarely seen in any other industry. Women working in the airlines are provided transportation and a secure and healthy environment to work in. The accommodation provided to staff on duty such as cabin crew is mostly 5-star hotels. The general work environment of airline staff is the airport which is one of the most safe and glamorous places in any city.

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